How To Prevent Or Control Diabetes With The Foods You Eat

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Many people believe that diabetes is almost entirely hereditary, but that really is not true. While heredity plays a significant role, the fact is that the highly processed, sugar saturated diet consumed by most people in developed countries today is a recipe for diabetes even without the heredity factor. What do you need to eat to avoid diabetes? Read on to find out.

To put it very simply, if you have diabetes or want to avoid diabetes, you should eat the same healthful, natural diet that all people should eat. Choose foods that are as close to their natural state as possible and shun processed foods, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners and other ingredients. You do not have to prepare a special diet for yourself and feed your family so-called normal food. Just feed everyone natural, healthy food and you will all do very well!

Your diet should consist of about a quarter lean protein sources. It is better if you get more of your protein from non-meat sources such as beans, tofu and so on. Include variety in your diet to insure balance. Be sure to include seafood, seeds, nuts and meat in your protein choices.

While you should avoid massive consumption of carbohydrates, the fact is, so should everyone else. Choose natural, whole grains and avoid processed carbohydrates such as white bread, packaged snacks and so on. Carbohydrates contained in whole grains process slowly and do not cause blood sugar spikes.

Keep your carbohydrate consumption to a quarter of your diet or less and make it all whole grains. Some good choices include bran, rolled oats, steel cut oats, wild rice, brown rice and whole wheat. You can also enjoy healthy vegetables such as cauliflower, squash, yams and sweet potatoes. Avoid white potatoes because they pack a simple carbohydrate wallop!

The difference between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates is that simple carbohydrates turn into sugar in the bloodstream very quickly and cause blood sugar spikes. Generally speaking, white carbohydrates should be avoided (with the exception of cauliflower). Keep away from commercial baked goods altogether since they usually contain white flower, sugar and all kinds of strange, artificial ingredients. Avoid white potatoes and white rice. Choose whole grain pasta instead of pasta made with white flour.

With a diet that is about a quarter lean protein and a quarter whole grain, what makes up the other half? Fresh, natural fruits and veggies make up the largest part of a healthy diabetic diet and, indeed, a healthy diet of any kind. Enjoy fruits and vegetables as close to their natural state as possible. Try lightly steamed veggies or vegetables sauteed in delicious, flavorful, healthy oils such as olive oil, Grapeseed oil, sunflower oil and more. Avoid prepared juices or canned fruits and vegetables.

When you are eating to control or avoid diabetes, you will find your overall health improving. When you are in good general health, with our without diabetes, you can detour from your diet a bit from time to time. Feel free to enjoy a small serving of dessert from time to time; however, do not be surprised if the sweet dessert you used to love is too sweet for you once your body becomes used to eating a healthy diet. Follow the tips presented here to prevent or control diabetes with the foods you eat.

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